Virtual Award Ceremony 2021

The BeSafeNet 2021 Olympiad Award Ceremony was held via videoconference on Wednesday 26 May. The top three teams were Terra Blue, “Gheorghe Lazar” National College, Bucharest, Romania (1st), High School Mate Blažine, Labin, Croatia (2nd) and Detectives of Hazards, Liceul Regina Maria, Dorohoi, Romania (3rd). The participants included the BeSafeNet Project team and members of the Editorial Board. Also in attendance were special guests from the Centre for Refugees in Ritsona, Greece.

Each team shared their experience and provided feedback, following their participation in the competition. Of particular significance were comments related to how BeSafeNet and the Olympiad reflect the high value placed on collaboration, participation and community efforts in the DRR effort. The students felt it important to actively disseminate the knowledge gained in their local communities. It was felt that hazards are not talked about enough and that this needed to change, more so, given the frequency and devastation caused by hazards.